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Exams and Fun Days

posted Nov 21, 2017, 11:22 AM by Scott Frizzell   [ updated Nov 21, 2017, 11:23 AM ]
Today, the middle school got to experience their latest Fun Day. Today was a Challenge Day, where each House was able to challenge another House to a competition of their choice. We had games of basketball, kickball, soccer, knockout, volleyball, and a gymnastics competition. It was a sight to behold! Everyone had a great time, and House points were going out all over the place for many of our competitors and for their positive attitudes on the field/court. Be sure to check out pictures from today under "Photos."

When our players returned from the field of play, they were greeted by encouraging notes on their lockers,  courtesy of Mrs. King's Christian Formation Bible class, who were challenged in 10 minutes of their class today to bring some happiness and joy to someone. They certainly did, and we are very appreciative for our 8th grade leaders.

Also today, students and parents received important information about semester exams. Although it's still November, semester exams are not very far off. Now is the time to be buckling down and improving grades with the little time remaining. In English, it is especially important at this point of the year to make sure you are not missing any Membean sessions. Those can be detrimental for a weekly grade and the less-regular vocabulary tests. Copies of this exam information will be available on the Harding website, as well as on this blog under "Forms and Handouts."