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More Fun Days; Service Hours Announcement

posted Nov 18, 2016, 1:56 PM by Scott Frizzell   [ updated Mar 3, 2017, 12:07 PM ]
As we rapidly get closer to a much needed Thanksgiving break, we're encouraging all of our students to make sure they are getting rest, and not over-exerting themselves. As adults, we often bemoan the exhaustion of the "restful" holiday season, but these stresses and anxieties are not limited to adults. We can already feel some rising stress and anxiety on campus as students begin thinking towards semester exams. For our part, as teachers and staff we aim to help these stresses both by making sure our students are academically prepared for their exams, as well as giving them some outlets to relax. This Friday we were able to do both at our Fun Day, as our academic challenge bowl reviewed concepts from each of their core classes in a trivia-style environment. Students were able to run, cheer, and scream, but also review some concepts that might be showing up on the next test. After some intense competition, Wells House won the match with Grin 'n' Grind House close behind.

Beginning next week, as a new wrinkle of our House system, we will be accepting service hours in exchange for House points, as a way to encourage students to get out in their communities and serve. If your child is already involved in some great service, encourage them to pick up a service sheet from our office (or download them from this page under "Forms and Handouts"). If your student is trying to think of some ideas for community service, please check out the ideas below.


Food collection

Meal delivery

Serving Food


Home Building

Home Repair/Maintenance

Personal Care Collection

Blanket Collection

School Supply Collection

Book/Magazine Drive

Healthy Living

Blood Drive

Fun Run/Walk/Hike/Cycle

Bike Safety Event

Child Fingerprinting

Health Fair/Fitness Expo

CPR Training

Tree Planting

Litter Cleanup/Beautification

Other Services

Disaster Relief


Military Support

National Park Resource Stewardship