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Projects, Oval Time, and Awards Day

posted Apr 22, 2018, 12:00 PM by Scott Frizzell   [ updated Apr 22, 2018, 12:00 PM ]
It's been busy around Harding Middle School. As our final quarter is already over half-way over, there's a lot of assignments emerging as our year draws to a close. This past week, Dr. Frizzell's 6th graders presented their projects on East Asian architecture. The students created 3D models, as well as researched the buildings and their cultural significance. We love when our students have the opportunity to use their hands and be active.

A very grateful thank you to all of our parents for their involvement in Teacher Appreciation Week this week. We are blessed with some very talented educators, and are so grateful for parents who want them to feel appreciated and loved.

This past week, middle school re-affirmed some hallway and morning-time procedures for hallway etiquette. Some of these have been things that have slipped some of our students' minds this late in the year, but if you hear about frequent reminders from teachers about hallway decorum, that's what that is. Also, we added a new component to our day, Oval Time. Each day as the first bell rings, all of middle school has formed a large oval in our hallway. Then, a student volunteer leads a prayer or reads a scripture. We love this time as its a great way to focus our day by beginning with what truly matters. We're still working on this becoming second nature, as some of our students have forgotten a few mornings, but we know we'll get it down. We appreciate our student leaders for their role in this.

Finally, Academic Awards day is coming on May 2nd in the O.O. Emmons Auditorium. Students who are receiving an award should have already received a note to take home notifying you so it can be on your calendar.

Thanks as always for all of you parents for your continued involvement and support. We're almost there!