House System

Current House Standings

About Harding Middle School's House System

        Every middle school student will be sorted into a mixed-grade House. Houses are named to honor specific values and traits of our city, school, and faith. Students will compete in their Houses throughout the year with other Houses to win the House Cup. Points are awarded for behavior, outstanding academic success, service, and other events. Each House has a faculty sponsor who will oversee his or her House. A student’s House affiliation and sponsor will remain the same throughout his or her time in middle school to allow for a more personal connection. Ideally, there will be at least one adult on our campus with whom each student spends regular time throughout his or her time here. In addition to two faculty House Sponsors, each house will elect two House Prefects (one boy, one girl). These two students are in charge of leading the house and helping to promote a sense of unity and camaraderie, while modeling a Christian example. The House also elects to Fridditch Captains (one boy, one girl) to lead their House throughout our Fridditch Season (a sport the Houses will compete in all year).


Historic Champions


2017-2018: Rendezvous House 

2016-2017: Wells House


The Houses

The Harold Bowie House of Education   

The Harold Bowie House of Education honors educational achievement, both in teaching and learning. The most effective teachers are lifelong learners. Furthermore, the most effective students can teach concepts to their peers.  Through the two interrelated concepts of teaching and learning, this house values study, achievement, and success. The same cycle to teaching and learning is a central aspect of being a follower of Christ.

        House Color: Silver

        Short Form: Bowie House

        Head of House: Mr. Paul Goddard

The Grit 'n' Grind House of Sports   

        The Grit 'n' Grind House of Sports honors the heritage of sports in the Bluff City. Whether cheering for Tigers, Grizzlies, Red Birds, or Lions, dedication to success through 
consistent practice and an unwillingness to back down from a challenge help define Harding students as Memphians and followers of Christ.

        House Color: Grizzly Gold

        Short Form: Grit 'n' Grind House

        Head of House: Ms. Amy Murphy


    The Ida B. Wells House of Advocacy

The Ida B. Wells House of Advocacy honors the Bluff City’s long history of civil rights. As a location, Memphis has seen numerous important battles for social equality throughout the last two hundred years. This house aims to honor those Memphians who would not back down despite the odds they faced until all shared full equality. Not only is the fight for equality central to Memphians’ identity, but also to that of Christians, who are commanded to love their neighbors.

        House Color: Red

        Short Form: Wells House

        Head of House: Mr. Corey Cunningham


    The Mississippi House of the River

River House honors the tradition of the Mississippi River. Throughout Memphis history, the river has been a lifeline to the Bluff City. It has provided trade, communication, and nutrients to the agricultural delta. The proximity of the river has been a source of life, just as Christ is a source of eternal life to Christians. This house honors Christ and the river, and the many contributions they make to our lives.

        House Color: Aqua Blue

        Short Form: River House

        Head of House: Mrs. Laura Hawley


    The Rendezvous House of Cuisine

The Rendezvous House of Cuisine honors Memphis’s culinary contributions to the world. Whether speaking of pulled pork barbeque or any of the area’s other noted delicacies, Memphis has always done food well. Memphis embraces flavor, refusing food that doesn’t pack a punch. Rendezvous House is the same, honoring God and their fellow students by embracing diversity and its delicious results.

        House Color: Maroon

        Short Form: Rendezvous House

        Head of House: Mrs. Lori Arnett


    The Robert Church Jr. House of Enterprise

The Robert Church House of Enterprise honors entrepreneurial leadership. Starting and running a successful business requires a diverse set of skills including smarts, research, flexibility, and endurance. Furthermore, the best businessmen give back to their communities. Harding students aim to implement these same traits not just in business endeavors, but also in their schoolwork and Christian walk.

        House Color: Green

        Short Form: Church House

        Head of House: Dr. Tim Stafford


    The Stax House of Music

The Stax House of Music honors Memphis’s unique contributions to the world through sound. From the Blues, to Soul, to Rock ‘N’ Roll, Memphis embraces music and the emotions attached to it. Music can celebrate success, express pain, or provide joy. This house celebrates that ability, which is important to the city of Memphis and followers of Christ.

        House Color: Navy

        Short Form: Stax House

        Head of House: Ms. Sheronda Holmes