Rotations and Fundays


   Each student in the middle school takes a selection of "rotation" classes throughout the year. These classes are offered during select homerooms, and each class lasts for five homerooms. 
Which classes they take are based upon their preferences. Although not everyonewill get their first choice, we will make every effort to give them their highest choices possible.

    In addition to the optional classes during homeroom, as a House, students will take several enrichment classes during homeroom. Multiple times throughout the year, students will take classes focused upon study skills and test taking strategies.

Friday Fundays

    Multiple times each quarter, the Houses will take some time out of the school day to compete in Friday Funday competitions. These contests may be based in academics, athletics, arts, and many other formats. The goal is for each student to have a chance to compete in a field where they excel. Additionally, these events will provide opportunities for Houses to bond and grow. Vital to our House Cup competition, these contests are also excellent avenues to explore group dynamics. 

    Although we can't reveal what we're doing each Friday Funday, we can reveal when they will be.
        1. August 31
        2. September 17-20 (afternoons during Homecoming)
        3. October 26
        4. November 16
        5. January 11
        6. February 1
        7. March 8
        8. April 12
        9. May 10 (all day)